Issue 6/2020


Global Warming of the Hearts

Jaś Kapela

A dark comedy. Leonardo DiCaprio as the United Nations Messenger of Peace comes to Poland and finds a perfectly average couple whom he must convince to care for the planet. If Andrzej and Bożena believe in the threat of a climate catastrophe and manage to alert others, there will be a chance to save the world. They rise to the challenge, but, unfortunately, come up with a number of unfortunate ideas. Perhaps the best solution is ecoterrorism ... The author is an ecological activist and a sarcastic writer. Both perspectives intersect in his funny and disturbing play.

Little Moscow (Mala Moskva)

Tomislav Zajec

Translated by Gabriela Abrasowicz

In his play the Croatian author refers to Chekhov's famous drama. In Zajec’s play, however, the three sisters do not long for the grand monde, but for the return to the reality known from childhood. The difficult collision with professional life is a traumatic experience for the siblings. The failure to save their family home becomes a symbolic tragedy demonstrating the inability to establish order.

Trash (A Munnezza)

Alessandro Casola

Translated by Agnieszka Kwiatek

The starting point of this Neapolitan comedy are real events that took place in Naples: months of municipal waste not being removed from the city. The author uses this story to talk about ecological, social (including the migrants’ situation) and political problems of today’s societies.

Essays, Studies

To compost neoliberalism

Weronika Parfianowicz, Kornelia Sobczak and Ida Ślęzak talk about the relationship between climate change and capitalism in the context of the pandemic. On  building alternative structures and strengthening uncommon forms of  organisation.


Piotr Olkusz's conversation with Ewa Bal about the history of the Neapolitan theatre convention, from the birth of Pulcinella and comedy dell'arte in the 16th century, to the birth of the 20th-century "nuovo teatro napoletano" formation. The key to understanding the distinctiveness of the Neapoltan scene is being aware of the cultural division of the Apennine Peninsula and discerning colonial patterns in the process of unification of Italy: the rich bourgeois North tried to impose its values on the agricultural Catania. Neapolitan theatre seems to be a tool for self-identification of the South.

HIV+ national programme

Marcin Bogucki

On three exhibitions organised at the turn of  2019 and 2020:  Creative Sick States: AIDS, CANCER, HIV (Arsenał Gallery in Poznań) and HIVstories: Living Politics (Biennale Warszawa) referring directly to HIV, and Power of Secrets by Karol Radziszewski (ICSW in Warsaw), for which this context was also important.

Postcards from America. X rays from Hell

David Wojnarowicz

Translated by Sławek Królak

A chapter from the book Close to the Knives: A Memoir of Disintegration (1991).

Cultural (dis)continuity, or on the safe side

Ishbel Szatrawska

The Inheritance by Matthew Lopez is a two-part, over three-hundred-page drama which attempts at portraying the gay community in New York in the period preceding and following the election of Donald Trump as President. The political context of the drama, its characters, as well as the place of action trigger clear associations with Tony Kushner’s  Angels in America.

Signed: Larry Kramer

Szymon Adamczak

On 27 May 2020, Larry Kramer, writer and activist, co-founder of the ACT UP organization, and author of Normal Heart, one of the first plays about AIDS, passed away. George Floyd was killed a few days earlier. What connects him with Larry Kramer? A black man, who was pressed too tightly to the ground by a policeman in Minneapolis and a white man, who died of pneumonia in a New York hospital?

Fly me to the Moon

Joanna Królikowska

The Dialogue magazine towards the authorities and social reality in the 1980s, i.e. Martial Law and the following years.

Time of Trouble

Jacek Sieradzki

A contemporary commentary on the margin of Joanna Królikowska's text, regarding the allegations against Konstanty Puzyna presented in the April issue of the  Teatr magazine.


Justyna Drath, Marek Beylin, Barbara Klicka, Piotr Morawski


Notes on plays: Lola Blascola Confesión de Don Quijote; Magda Żarnecka, Przemysław Jaszczak Statek w butelce; Zamek z kart; Katherine Soper Wish List; Dana Platter Skrzynia na piasek